The roses and my photos of them have inspired "Rosy Regards" - a collection of greeting cards and gift tags available in gift shops, farm stalls and nurseries across South Africa.

There’s nothing like walking in my vintage rose garden at Edendale Farm, Fort Beaufort in the dewy part of the morning and smelling the roses to bring you closer to heaven. It’s time I cherish, and it’s in these walks that I have been inspired to pick blooms. It’s almost like they woo me and whispered: “pick me, pick me”. In this obedient, perfumed induced high I have in turn captured them. Not as in yesteryear through the stroke of a paintbrush. But through the lens of a digital camera.

The Rosy Regards collection includes:

- Vintage Rosy Greeting Cards,
- Vintage Rosy Gift Tags
- Vintage Rosy Gift wrapping
- Vintage Rose Prints

I dreamt of the roses of yesteryear that were long forgotten. The roses that Redoute and Van Spayendonk had captured timelessly on canvas. Those fat bosomy roses that lured and beguiled insects with their bewitching perfume so they stayed so long they too were trapped in a time warp by Artists of the day … gone and so I thought almost forgotten …

- Debbie Johnson


22 Wharf St, Port Alfred, 6170, South Africa

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