Hendri Frankenfeld Architect (HFA) is a well-established boutique Architectural firm with over 30 years of experience creating superb coastal homes. The firm was initiated in 1991 in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape.

Since inception it has worked on a broad spectrum of projects in the residential sector such as lovely coastal homes, high end residences, apartment buildings and more. The firm has also worked on various churches, light industrial buildings, educational buildings and mixed-use developments.

HFA has completed hundreds of projects and has developed a deep understanding of environmental and vernacular conditions and incorporating these and other factors into achieving a holistic product for the end-user.

  • Practice Philosophy
    The client is always first: Focus on developing the client brief into an interesting, wholesome and complete project reacting positively to budget, experientiality, lifestyle and well-being.
  • Environment
    A successful building is a sum of its response to environment. Always strive to incorporate the site, wind, natural vegetation, orientation, views, sun and light into every design for maximum results.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Broad Brush Stroke Discussion - This entails a first stage meeting with you at initial contemplation of the prospective project or expression of interest. This can also involve assisting in site selection.
  • Design Brief - Assisting you in setting up the personalized design criteria and putting together a detailed and comprehensive project brief.
  • Design Concept Conceptualization - Formulating a 3D design solution.
  • Sketch Plans - Developing the design concept into a functional design solution that meets your needs and requirements.
  • Working Drawings: - Completion of technical and production drawings and documentation for costing and construction purposes.
  • Interior Architects - Exploring interior design solutions within the building framework, or working with your selected interior designer.
  • Site Inspections - Managing the site during the construction period and ensuring an excellent project at handover.
  • Other Services - Historical and Land Use Applications including motivational reports.

Shop 70D, Southwell Road, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape 6170, South Africa

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