Our story

The Eastern Cape found us. In a most adventurous way, but quite unexpectedly it became our home. Meeting new people and making new friends revealed their journeys and inspired the Windcape vision.

Windcape.co.za is a e-commerce platform in the Eastern Cape making it easy for business owners to sell their products online, showcase projects, promote events, and connect with customers.


Little did we know...

Soon the Eastern Cape will become home

Our first vacation in the Eastern Cape was in Port Alfred in April 2007. We had no idea that only a few years later we would move down from Joburg and finally make our home in the same coastal village, warmly embraced by new friends with incredible integrity and generosity, and good wine.

Since then we continue to meet people with beautiful hearts despite difficult journeys that settle them in places like Port Alfred, Bathurst, Grahamstown, Kleinemonde, Cannon Rocks, Alexandria, Boesmansrivier, Kenton on Sea, Hamburg, Stutterheim – even Tarkastad!


A little yellow book

Picking up the Whezzit for the first couple of times and browsing through its pages helped to make our landing here more real and personal. Just to be somehow introduced to other local businesses to see what they do and where they are helped us to find our feet.

And then it happened! The opportunity to take over the “Whezzit Business Directory” was presented to us and it felt right. This 20 year old print publication was acquired by Windcape in 2020 and we hope to expand its use to many more towns.


Windcape Za is inspired by resilient people

Windcape Za (Pty) Ltd was established in 2019 to become a  platform for businesses in the Eastern Cape to showcase their work and sell their products to a wider audience.

The people of this province inspire the Windcape vision. They are the resilient ones who bounce back from disappointment. When nobody sees, they work hard to care for their families, find deep fulfilment in serving others and proudly produce and promote high-quality products.

The vision of Windcape Business is to make these hidden treasures stand tall. It’s like the mighty wind turbines along the Eastern Cape’s long coasts. The Eastern Cape made the wind one of its biggest assets and now has the highest number of wind projects in South Africa with a value of almost R20 billion.

Against all odds, this province will thrive.


The wind blows where it wishes...

The Windcape Marketplace

We are building the Windcape Marketplace:
a local e-commerce platform for Eastern Cape businesses.

The first 12 vendors with quality-approved products
will be part of the launch campaign in 2021.

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